NGO Panelists

Ivy Josiah (Executive Director, Women’s Aid Organisation – WAO)



Born in Brickfields in 1955 and lived there throughout her formative years, Ivy Josiah first became a teacher and then an activist for women’s rights before she was the Executive Director of Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) in Malaysia. Established in 1982, WAO is the first women’s organisation in Malaysia to provide shelter for battered women and their children. WAO plays a lead role in advocacy work, public education and law and policy reform on all aspects of women’s human rights.

Ms. Josiah was a pioneer volunteer cum member of WAO and its past president (1990-1993) before taking on the position as the Executive Director in 1995. She has developed, promoted and implemented the WAO’s shelter and counselling services, coordinated its public education programmes and advocacy work on the issue of violence against women and women’s human rights.

She has played a key role in initiating two NGO coalitions. In 2004, Article 11 was formed to uphold freedom of religion and in 2006 the Migration Working Group was established to protect the rights of migrants, refugees, and stateless persons. (courtesy of MSN)

Dr. Kaizawa Shinichiro (President, Network Voluntary Development in Asia (NVDA), NICE and Vice President of CCIVS)



Dr. Kaizawa Shinichiro is the President and Founder of Network Voluntary Development in Asia (NVDA).  He is also the President of the Never-ending International workCamps Exchange (NICE) and is also currently the Vice President for CCIVS.

As the founding President of NICE since Febuary 1990, Dr. Kaizawa has organised a total of 2,874 workcamps and has facilitated in the exchange of 45,661 volunteers in the areas of environment, social welfare, rural development, education and culture. He has also been the pioneer in the introduction of new project types such as weekend workcamps, group workcamps as well as long or middle term voluntary projects.

As the President of NVDA, Dr. Kaizawa invented the common actions of Asia which are namely the Greening Asia, World Eco Sponge Action and Tanabata Action programmes which resulted in the planting of 822,831 trees by 21,427 people in 19 countries.

As an EC member of the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS), Dr. Kaizawa has realised the International Solidarity Fund and other important reforms. He was also responsible for initiating the creation of Global Meeting of International Voluntary Service.

Aldous B. Moro (Director, Volunteer for the Visayans)


Aldous B. Moro is a graduate of Sacred Heart Seminary in Palo, Leyte with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. After college, he left the seminary and enrolled in a computer school where his career as a computer instructor started. He taught computer courses in different schools and colleges in the region including one of the country’s leading computer universities and prestigious international business schools. His outstanding track record in the academe earned him various awards and recognitions in teaching excellence. A humanitarian in his own right, Aldous has been involved in different volunteer works sponsored by the Archdiocese of Palo. During his final year in the seminary, he was sent to a year-long apostulate work in the Archbishop Residence where he worked as secretary to the Bishop. Aldous is a hardworking, creative and positive person. He is committed and dedicated in achieving the organization’s goals by developing the best programs that would meet the highest standard of community welfare. He is prolific in ideas on how to help people in their best interests.

Iswanto (Environmental Health Department, Polytechnic of Health Yogyakarta)

As a person who loves his country, Mr. Iswanto has dedicated himself to strategic waste management to maintain the beauty of Indonesia’s towns and cities. A government scholar in Health Sciences, Mr. Iswanto has gone on to establish himself in the environmental health and sanitation technology field in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Currently a lecturer at Gadjah Mada University and Respati University, Mr. Iswanto has attained numerous awards in waste management. In 2004, he received the Recycling Award from both the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry for Women’s Empowerment in Indonesia. In 2011, he gained the Appropriate Technology Competition Award from the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology. An active member of the community, Mr. Iswanto is also currently a trainer and motivator for various programmes and organisations, including the Ocean Ministry Projects, Public Work Ministry Projects, the Environmental Agency of Yogyakarta Province Projects and also a volunteer for community based waste management projects in the Yogyakarta province.

Francesco Volpini (Director, Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS))

Francesco Volpiniis currently the Director of CCIVS, and manages a network of more than 300 organisations in 98 countries to support youth organisations and international institutions in developing projects in the field of culture, education for sustainable development, conflict resolution, health and poverty reduction. Before being appointed as Director, he worked as international coordinator, trainer and facilitator in non-formal education and intercultural learning projects, bridging grassroots civil society organizations, companies, academic institutions and intergovernmental agencies in different countries. He has served as foreign expert at the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resource of Mahidol University (Thailand), contributing in particular to the analysis and development of the curriculum of the International Masters in Industrial Ecology. He holds a research Masters in Development Anthropology from La Sorbonne University, and is currently also a candidate in the professional Masters in Human Resources Management and Corporate Social Responsibility of the Sorbonne Graduate Business School (IAE).

John Gwynn (Asia Pacific Organisational Development Coordinator, International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) Malaysia)



John Gwynn has worked on community development issues for 28 years. beginning with work on anti-discrimination and community empowerment organisations in London. He then worked for the international NGO Oxfam UK for 11 years in various roles including Global Communications Coordinator and National Director for Oxfam UK’s programme in India. Since 2000 he has worked for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), first in South Asia and since 2004 he has been based in Malaysia as the IFRC’s Organisational Development Coordinator for the Asia Pacific Zone, offering support to the national Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in 37 countries on all aspects of their work from voluntering development to resource mobilisation, programme expansion, and organisational resilience and strengthening.


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