About AsiaEngage

Who we are

AsiaEngage is a brand name formed to maximise the strengths of the Asia-Talloires Network of Industry and Community Engaged Universities (ATNEU), the ASEAN University Network (AUN) Thematic Network on University Social Responsibility and Sustainability (AUN-USR&S) and the ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme (AYVP).

All these networks/programme under AsiaEngage aim to create mutually beneficial partnerships between the Research, Education and Volunteerism missions of higher education with industry and community stakeholders across ASEAN and Asia.

Initiatied and driven by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (The National University of Malaysia – UKM), through its Office of Industry and Community Partnerships (Hal Ehwal Jaringan Industri dan Masyarakat or HEJIM) and supported by Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), AsiaEngage will be the regional community-industry engagement brand of ATNEU, AUN USR&S, and its member-universities.

We aim to create for our members the opportunities for sharing innovative industry and community engagement practices, developing regional capacity for impactful engagement, forging collaborative industry and community-based research and driving learning prospects as well as inspiring youth volunteerism.

These would be through initiatives in the areas of climate change and the environment, social entrepreneurship, health, education, heritage and technology. All of these knowledge-driven initiatives will contribute powerfully to the development of an ASEAN and Asian community, possessing not only strong minds, but also generous souls to volunteer, develop and enhance the quality of lives of communities around the region.

What we do

AsiaEngage welcomes participation from private and public higher education institutions, industries, NGOs, foundations, chambers of commerce, research institutions, government agencies, and other stakeholders with a commitment and passion for social responsibility and civic engagement for national and regional community development.

AsiaEngage serves its members through regional initiatives and programmes by:

  • Providing meaningful and impactful capacity building programmes to develop knowledge, competencies and skills for members of institutions at varying levels of development in industry and community engagement.
  • Researching and developing mechanisms to evaluate the social impact and return on investment for industry and community engagement initiatives.
  • Developing a comprehensive and ‘live’ national and regional one-stop information portal to identify and facilitate strategic collaborations between various stakeholders.
  • Creating mechanisms to recognise and reward excellence in industry and community engagement
  • Forging collaborative industry and community based research that provides solutions in the challenging areas of the environment, health, education and heritage to elevate the quality of life of communities across the region.
  • To create opportunities to participate in knowledge-driven ASEAN youth volunteerism programmes, to develop a sense of regional identity among the young people in ASEAN, whilst enhancing the quality of life for the regional communities.

For more information about AsiaEngage please visit our website at: http://www.asiaengage.org/

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